memymom4_Elle et son Pucci_1996

The Umbilical Vein will be exhibited at Si Fest Photography Festival in Italy from 3 till 5 October 2014. Curated by Gianpaolo Arena / from the Landscape Stories workshop with Bruno Ceschel from Self Publish, Be Happy.

Landscape Stories is an international photography magazine that first came out in 2010. It published 16 thematic issues that deal with the documentation of the territory, the current cultural and sociopolitical phenomena and the search for a new aesthetic as a tool for describing the complexity of the contemporary world and its rapid changes. Landscape Stories presents a selection of the photographic projects that were developed during the workshops conducted by Massimo Siragusa, Bruno Ceschel (SPBH), Raimon Wouda, Valerio Spada, Francesco Jodice, Simon Roberts,  from 2012 to 2014.  With Alice Falco // Memymom // Gabriele Rossi // Marina Caneve // Sergio Camplone // Delfino Sisto Legnani

With the support of The Belgian Embassy in Rome, Italy